Offer Chasing, Sustainability, and Motivation.

Offer Chasing, Sustainability, and Motivation.

Aaaahhhh yes, my monthly blog post!

Kidding aside, I really should look to add more posts to the site. Thing is, I’ve been grinding away getting my “non-IM” niche products ready to market. My partner and I are releasing a pretty legit weight loss/fitness product pretty soon. It’s going to be a physical product with DVDs, books, etc. Fancy, yes? ;)

Anyway, what does that have to do with my post today, really how does this benefit you?

Well, I want to tell you what lead me towards adding my own products into the daily pipeline. As most of you know, I’ve done pretty good with CPA marketing, and I still make a good living, you could say, with exclusive deals I have setup. So why fix what ain’t broke?

Well, it came down to offer chasing.

Offer chasing is something I’ve seen that’s pretty unique to CPA marketing. Your affiliate manager has recommended a high converting offer. The offer is “killing it”. So, you jump on the offer. You setup your landers, you split test, you optimize, and if you’ve done your homework, you start making some money. Your able to find new distribution channels to scale to. If you’ve got to this point, you’re doing pretty good, making good money most likely.

Then, the e-mail comes.

“XXXX Offer Expires Tonight

Hey Publishers,

Sorry about the short notice, but XXXX is being paused and pulled from the network tonight. Sorry for any inconvenience.”


Can you tell this happened to me a few times? So at this point, it’s up to you to test and find a new high converting offer, scale that up, etc. It’s a pain in the a$$ really.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Well Chad, if I was making $X,XXX a day, I wouldn’t care, I’d swap offers every single day.” And you know what, you might. For a while anyway. But then you’d probably start to realize that this isn’t a way to build a long term sustainable business.

So, what did I have to start doing to eliminate this?

Well, I started to focus less on the offers, and more on the traffic channel and the market I was promoting to. I began to splinter the largest markets into smaller segments. So, an example was the massive “weight loss” vertical being successfully splintered into the “postpartum and pregnancy weight loss” niche. If you look at the majority of CPA offers, many of them are based around the largest verticals out there. Money, Health, Relationships. I like to say, everyone wants to be skinny, young, rich, and popular. After that it comes down to splintering. Here are some examples:

belly fat cream >>> general weight loss product
love handles >>> general weight loss product
single mother assistance >>> bizopp offer

Those are really obvious examples. What I’m trying to get across is that the same product/offer can be positioned to tons of different niches. You do this through your ads, landing pages, e-mail messages, etc.

A big part of this process for me, was capturing the opt-in. I know I know, one of the reasons people like to market CPA or affiliate offers is because you don’t need any human interaction. You can be a lone ranger. But, I’ll tell you this. You will make more money, with better ROI, when you start capturing leads for YOUR own purposes. Most major businesses long term life blood is their leads. You need to get people into your funnel. Yes, affiliates can have a back end sales funnel, it’s possible. This site is one of the best examples I can show you:

If you opt in for their list, you’ll be hit with tons of affiliate offers. Professional front end presentation, back end filled with CPA offers. If they treat their list well, they can release their own product down the road to the asset they have (that list) and clean up.

When you build sites like this, focusing on the market and not just particular offers, then offer chasing isn’t really a problem. You basically just plug in offers where needed, and when needed. It’s the market, demographic, and traffic channel that you want to have a strangle hold on.

So, what does all this have to do with motivation? Well, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from people wondering where to start, and that they’re just not convinced/motivated on which direction to go into.

Understand one thing. Driving traffic is based on certain principles and techniques. These are things you need to learn through testing and certain courses (people speak highly of mine, ya know..) :)

But after that, you need to apply that knowledge in some way. Everyone screams “yes, take action!”. It’s true, you gotta take action. You gotta implement something. But, I will tell you that this entire process is much easier when you have an interest in what you’re promoting outside of the money you’ll make. Right now you might be thinking “I just need to make $xxx-xxxx/day and I’ll be happy”.

Thing is though, you can do that fairly quickly when you learn the principles behind driving traffic and converting it. Once you get there, you’re going to need something else to drive you. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. This is one reason I decided to start making my own product in the weight loss vertical. Sure, I love that I can control the back end process and leverage affiliates and various distribution channels that aren’t as easily accessible to affiliates…. but I’d be lying if I said I’m not more motivated to push my own product, something I can stand behind, than an ambiguous offer.

You might be in a tough financial situation. You might NEED to make money as fast as you can. I’ve been there before. It sucks I know. But understand that you’re marketing to actual people, so when you write your copy and ads, keep this in mind. Become your customer. Actually give them a reason to fill out or buy your CPA offer.

Keep in mind, if you have no interest whatsoever becoming an offer owner or product creator, you’d still be wise to focus on your market influence first, and offers second. Choose a traffic channel and market to become an expert in, this alone will make your marketing efforts easier since your focus is going to be laser guided. After that you can diversify.

Thanks very much,

Chad Hamzeh