Why I Like Working With Humans More Than Robots!

Why I Like Working With Humans More Than Robots!

Hey what’s up guys,

I just got my nose operated on and am recovering so I am finding myself with a bit of spare time. Figured what better time than now to write a post. On a side note I’m excited about the idea of being able to breathe like normal people. It is almost scary what I could accomplish with full oxygen levels being pumped to my brain and body. I might just start spontaneously levitating, with the ability to control electronics with my thoughts, ripped to the core like Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen.

Scratch that, I might in fact BECOME Dr. Manhattan… blue skin, nudity and all.

My lawyer friend will probably tell me I'll get in trouble for this. Wouldn't be the first C&D.

Uh anyway, so… Why I like Working With Humans More Than Robots.

In particular this post is about driving traffic, specifically paid traffic, from sources that are more “human” than your typical PPC engines. I love Google. Same with Bing/Yahoo (though their search alliance seems to be screwing some campaigns up as of today’s date), and Facebook. The Goog and Facebook are monsters of traffic volume. It can’t be denied.

But, for your average affiliate marketer, most just don’t want to do what it takes to appease these big guys, to put it mildly.

You’ve all heard me talk about direct to site buying and how to do it on a small scale. You guys that have purchased and watched Conversion Campus learned how to do it on a larger site scale. So you know I’m a big proponent of it. Typically there is less competition, traffic can be fairly cheap, it’s fully transparent, and best of all there are typically very few restrictions.

You’re able to negotiate on pricing, placement, terms and more. That’s tough to do with Facebook for example. You can pick up the phone, speak to a decision maker, and make a deal.

Yes, this is a negative to some people. A lot of affiliates want to sit in the shadows, avoid customer support, or any human interaction, and make money. No problem when it comes to customers. But in terms of relationships there are a few essential ones, and your traffic source reps/owner can make a world of difference.

Now, I said you can negotiation on pricing, placement, terms, and more. It’s the “and more” that I want to talk about today.

In the past, for the most part I’ve discussed buying banner ads on relevant sites and testing that way. But we can get even more targeted. We can become even more trusted.

You see, the thing about bloggers and smaller site owners is that, often times, they have rabid followings. It’s like a cult. They have disciples that will eat up just about anything they say. Same goes for guys that have responsive lists.

The easiest way to generate converting traffic that I’ve found is by redirecting trust.

Now, you see this in the IM niche all the time, for years. Guru #1 with a blog of rabid followers does a review of a product, or of Guru #2′s site or whatever. Guru #2′s product/traffic gets a huge boost and unless he screws up royally, can get a nice chunk of subscribers and income. You see this all the time in IM niche launches. Guys with massive lists promoting products that end up getting 15% refund rates still manage to generate 6 figures+ in a week because people buy into it. Because they trust the hype.

It’s obvious why this works. You’re getting an endorsement, a very powerful and personal one. Typically when buying traffic you need to get a high click through rate, then get a high landing page click through rate, and a high conversion on the offer. That’s simplified of course but you get the idea. Now, the key issue here is, all this time you need to retain some semblance of trust in the visitors mind while still funneling them to convert. And if you’re buying CPM instead of CPC, this can get pricey unless you know what you’re doing.

Wouldn’t it be cool, even at least to test a new campaign, to pay a flat rate fee for something that already gets you past that trust barrier to an extent? Well, you can definitely do that outside of the IM niche, I do it myself.

Things like sponsored reviews, forum sticky post sponsorships, and guest blog postings can be very cheap or even nothing and provide you good targeted traffic streams. Sponsored reviews are my favorite.

Now, just because someone is doing a sponsored review doesn’t mean they have to review your product or offer. They can review “your company” or your companies “service”. Make sense? Ideally you’ll be collecting these siphoned visitors data and can follow up with whatever you want at that point.

If you want to go direct to the offer and it’s actually an offer that won’t screw the site owners visitors over, then you can approach them with a brokered deal. Basically you’ll give them a commission of the offer payout. This works especially well if you’re the product owner and can approach them with an “exclusive” deal for their audience.

Some people think this kind of traffic buying is expensive. But let’s look at the numbers. A blog I’m currently working with has a readership of about 50,000 subscribers, and gets anywhere from 75,000 – 110,000 unique visitors a month. The cost to get a sponsored review from the site owner is $3o0. The review stays up indefinitely so if you’re smart about linking and whatever else you can make that $300 stretch for a while. For a month this is about $10 a day, but admittedly the traffic will die down after the first little while. Featured banners on this site that go on every post are about $400 for a month. So $13/day. This is in the make money niche. Not the IM niche or anything like that.

If you can get more than 13 clicks per day from the 75,000+ visitors a month, that’s less than $1/click. And remember that’s qualified, pre-trusted traffic. There is probably a good bet you will get more than 13 clicks per day on a month average when they have about 2500+ unique visitors everyday.

Like I said, that’s the make money niche. In other niches, web masters aren’t as savvy. What we know about demographics tells us that just because a site is about gardening doesn’t mean you can’t promote weight loss, right? Obviously you’d have to play with your angle on the sponsored review if you were going that route, but everything is negotiable. Perhaps they’re open to mailing their list, you never know.

There’s a few options of course and the creative ones will figure it out. The idea of this post was to get you to think of the internet the way it actually is, a world wide web. People are always wondering how to get traffic and what’s the best way to get traffic and all that. There’s tons of traffic everywhere. Everywhere you look there’s traffic, it’s just not coming your way. Trying to generate new traffic is ballsy and it can work as it has for me and countless others, but one of the fastest ways is to intercept traffic.

So, don’t look at dealing with site owners and other humans as a “negative”. Someone once told me “yes, the money is in the list but it doesn’t have to be your list.” The people that “get it” will know the importance of that statement.

Business is about people at the end of the day, and as they say, your network is your net worth.

Anyway, I’m going to ice my face, talk soon.