The 3 Kings Post Series: King #2

The 3 Kings Post Series: King #2

Alright everyone,

So here is post #2 in the 3 Kings Series. Last time I discussed King #1 which is your market. No question, you need to get into the head of your prospect, know how to speak their language, and entice them to take action.

King #2 is your offer.

I’m going to tackle this from the standpoint of an affiliate. For product owners there is much more to it because not only do we need to test pre-sell pages, but also offer pages, checkout processes, the actual offer type (trial, straight sale, etc.), upsell and downsell funnels, and much more. Yes, as a product owner being in control of the offer pages has an advantage, but there is a lot more work that goes with it.

So, from the standpoint of an affiliate, the first point that I need to make is that if they don’t want it, THEY DON’T WANT IT!

Then the question becomes, how do you find converting offers that people want?

It is relatively easy in regards to CPA marketing to find a few strong offers to test. The first step I always recommend is to be buddy buddy with your affiliate manager. Yes, it’s true, some affiliate managers just pitch the “latest and greatest” offer at you daily, so you can test it out with your traffic.

It’s up to you to ask the right questions. But before that, what offers can you see in your vertical being consistently tested? This takes a bit of spying to do. Using services like WhatRunsWhere and AdBeat will let you find relevant pre-sells in your vertical, and this can help you find the offers that are being run on a regular basis.

As for questions to ask AM’s, too many affiliates simply ask “what’s converting?” or “what’s hot?”. Sure that’s one way of going about it, but I recommend finding out which are the consistent performers within your niche. What offers have been around a while?

Now, in certain verticals like diet and bizopp, stability isn’t something you find too often, but that’s the nature of those verticals and if you’re playing there, you understand the game. *more on that later though.

The next thing a lot of affiliates do is they simply look at the network EPC numbers. There are a few problems with doing that. First off, how long have the ones at the top been there? But more importantly, are those EPC figures for your type of traffic?

Meaning, banner traffic might have a lower EPC than e-mail traffic. So, ideally, if you want to do some projections off of EPC numbers, then ask your AM if they have EPC numbers for your type of traffic (Search, Banner, Email, etc).

Now for the more important stuff. So, let’s say you’ve done your due diligence and have found 2 offers that would fit into your market/traffic that you’d like to test. Great. You start sending traffic and discover that neither is converting. At this point you have 2 options. The first is what most affiliates do. They throw their arms in the air, say “This offer doesn’t convert!”, and then go play Xbox.

The second option is to realize that if other affiliates have made it work, then you’re missing the profitable angle to work with.

Perhaps more important than the offer itself is the presentation of the offer!

Most don’t understand the concept of disconnects, and connecting the dots. Even if you’re direct linking. If you’re sending traffic to a direct linked e-mail submit that many other people are having success with, then there is a disconnect somewhere in your ad that is getting people to the offer page.

Your angles mildly incentivize the offer. Now before anyone tells me that incentive traffic is not allowed, I don’t mean you straight out incentive something like saying “hey, if you fill this offer out I’ll give you access to winning lotto numbers.” What you want to do is put a feeling on the person that they need to “qualify” in order to get something. What is it the offer is promising? Is there a qualification process that can have some light shed on it? People hate not qualifying for things, so that’s one simple way to test offers.

Basically, you need an angle of promotion that allows the offer to be “plugged in” vs. just “plugged”. When I mentioned that stability is an issue in the bizopp and diet niches, this is exactly what I meant.

Getting your presentation of the offer to convert, your message to your market, is more important than the specific CPA offers themselves. Once you know that your presentation of the offer converts in a certain way, then you can find winning offers to “plug into” your traffic much easier.

Be specific, segment down, and splinter for effectiveness.

That’s it for King #2. Always remember that your presentation of the offer is so important, even if you’re direct linking. People would much rather hear stories than be sold, and you can do so even in a small ad.

Stay tuned for King #3.