Stop Buying WSO’s and Info Products… Seriously, Stop It.

Stop Buying WSO’s and Info Products… Seriously, Stop It.

Heyo heyo…

I don’t expect this post to get me any friends. And that’s fine. Quality attracts quality, and quality is who I like to work with.

So as the subject line says, stop buying this stuff. I encourage you to read this whole thing because one of the most important lines is near the bottom.

And no, here isn’t where I’ll be pulling the bait and switch where I say “… until you check this out!!!!”.

No, I’m being serious here.

Now, this might sound odd since I’ve released a couple Warrior Forum WSO’s and info products in my day. I started out as a CPA marketer, and for about a year now have also done some info product stuff along with my own products in other markets.

Add to that, I have also promoted (very few and far between), a couple other people’s products. You’d be amazed at how much I get hit up to promote stuff, and I turn down a fair amount. The only time I promote something is when I take a look at it personally.

So before you label me a hypocrite, hear me out. And also understand that this e-mail/post is going to pertain more to RABID and unrelenting WSO buyers and to people that can’t help but buy push button 7 click software on Clickbank.

If that’s you, don’t take offense, I just need to give you some business lessons here that will not only save you tons of money, but should make you far more going forward.

Way back in the day, when I launched my first info-product “Conversion Campus”, I saw someones comment on a thread that read like this:

“I promised myself I wouldn’t buy another WSO this week, but I just found my hand floating to the buy button!”

First of all, if you were influenced by my fantastic sales copy and reviews to this extent, well then I thank you for your purchase, and I’m sure you got a lot out of it. ;)

But, this type of mentality is dangerous. Not for product creators of course, but for the consumer.

You need to understand a couple things about info-publishers, particularly those in the “make money online” industry, and even more so on the Warrior Forum.

A lot of them make their money, telling other people how to make money.

You might be thinking this is obvious, but really understand the nature of the situation there.

You are buying a method from someone who probably hasn’t made money off of that method, they’re making money selling the product.

If you’ve ever checked out my Traffic BlackBook product, it is very easy to tell that I do paid traffic generation regularly, and have a deep understanding of it. Shameless plug, outside of a monthly private forum, it’s the best value you’ll find. ;-)

But I personally have seen people that have not made money online, go onto sell WSO’s on how to make money online! It’s bizarre, but also one of the oldest plays in the book.

This really pisses me off.

And ya, marketers that are doing this regularly, who make $XX,XXX a month by only selling WSO’s, they can call me a hater or whatever else, but I don’t care.

If you are selling a method that only “sounds like a good idea”, but you’ve never actually put it into practice, or you only had a one off success with it…. you shouldn’t be teaching people it.

That’s my opinion anyway.

So why do I teach people stuff? Why do I have an info side of my business?

Well for one, all my stuff is based in principles. You’ll notice I never come out with something that says “this crazy trick raked in $XXX in 3 hours!!!”.

So when I get a refund telling me that my stuff is “too hard to implement”, within 30 minutes of purchase, I know what kind of buyer this is.

This is the person looking for the magic bullet. The quick fix. The easy payoff.

Is this you?

If you’re buying WSO’s, particularly the info based ones, ask yourself this key question.

This is the most important part of this post:

“Does this new “method” or “technique” align with my business strategy and goals?”

If you’re a rabid buyer jumping from trick to trick, method to method, then I’m guessing you don’t have a business strategy or goal in mind in the first place.

Remember, define the market —> is there a market demand? —> how can you fill that gap with an affiliate angle or your own product?

And finally, spend the majority of your day driving traffic, building your lists, and tweaking your offer. Those are your most important activities (or if you’re not list building, then traffic to converting the offer).

WSO’s and products aren’t all bad. About a year ago, I bought one which was a keyword tool and url scraper. Awesome. The tool based ones can do the trick if you just need it for a simple function.

And not all “make money online” guys are bad either.

There is a UK Marketer named Lee McIntyre he makes some absurd money. Some people fault him by saying “well, he makes money by only selling how to make money products”.

But the thing is, that’s cool, he’s honest about it. He’s not saying he makes his money doing this other thing when he’s never done it in practice.

Does that make sense?

I drive traffic and did affiliate marketing first and foremost. That’s why I teach it. The techniques I teach apply to CPA marketers just as much as info publishers.

So, buyer beware, and always ask if that next shiny object you’re chasing after is going to get you closer to your business goals and strategy via principles, or just tricks.

Thanks for reading my essay.