Take the World By the B____s!

Take the World By the B____s!

Hey hey,

I just wanted to send out a quick message to address something.

This is probably going to be basic info for the more intermediate to experienced guys, but this is to help those more so starting out.

So a common complaint I get when it comes to buying ads, specifically on Facebook, is that competition is fierce and click costs are getting too high.

And it’s true, Facebook is now being used by huge companies to get their message across to the masses.

It’s one of the busiest sites in the world, and if you take out the extended reach that “Yahoo Network” and “Google Network” have, then Facebook may just be THE biggest site in the world no doubt.

One thing a lot of people don’t do, however, is target markets outside of the major English speaking countries such as the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

No, this message isn’t necessarily revolutionary. Many guys have been touting to go international for a while.

I’m just reiterating it since not tons of affiliates are actually doing it.

Or they come up with reasons as to why the campaigns won’t work. This could be limited offer selection, offers not converting, etc.

I’ve shared this site before, but I want you to take a look again:


This is Social Bakers, Ryan Hurry from C2M turned me onto it a while back.

If you go to that site, you’ll be able to view TONS of stats in regards to different aspects of Facebook. So things like the biggest fan pages, brands, apps by usage, etc.

The key metric of interest for us today is the “by country” and “by city” stats. As well as the “ads” metric that gives an estimated avg. CPC for each country.

It’s plain as day to see the huge amounts of volume outside the most obvious countries.

To address the issue of international offers, if you’re doing CPA, then networks like AdSimilis, Matomy Market, EWA Network, and Mundo Media have quite a few international offers for you to take a look at.

And if you’re someone selling a product or Clickbank offers, don’t assume a lot of these countries don’t have credit cards.

Even for my Traffic BlackBook series I get lot’s of orders from places like Thailand, Malaysia, India, and more.

So don’t be afraid to step out of the box a bit when it comes to your Facebook marketing.

Also, if you still have a Google Adwords account intact, and you’re promoting something Google is “cool” with, then you’d be amazed with the cheap clicks you can get on the Google Display Network for International traffic.

Who’s to say you can’t leverage the Google Display Network to drive traffic to offers on Facebook? Just an idea. Those are just the more “in-the-box” huge traffic sources.

In Profit 101 and Traffic BlackBook, I show ways of optimizing Facebook campaigns very quickly so you can get profitable asap.

If all you did was focused on Facebook International, and learned the game with their ad approvals which admittedly can be a pain, you could do very well!

Thanks again, until next time.

Chad Hamzeh