Facebook Ads – If You’re Not Getting Impressions/Cheap Clicks, Read This

Facebook Ads – If You’re Not Getting Impressions/Cheap Clicks, Read This

Hey guys,

I wanted to show you something from a campaign I recently ran for a different project of mine:


So this campaign only ran for a short time, about 3 days or so.

For those that don’t understand the screenshot, starting with the “512,047″ column, left to right the numbers are:

• Reach (number of users who saw the ad)
• Frequency (average number of times each person saw the ad)
• Social Reach (number of people who saw the ad, who’s friends liked it)
• Connections (number of people who liked it within 24 hours of seeing it)
• Clicks
• Click Through Rate

Now, the next 2 columns are what I want you to look at, and the ones most relevant to this post.

Typically, bidding strategy on Facebook is to bid lower than the suggested bid by about 20%, and adjust based on volume, ROI, etc. I’ve also put it as “bid half of the average suggested bid”.

For this campaign, using that typical strategy, I was unable to get volume and impressions as I normally would. I believe this was due to targeting a larger demographic than usual. This ad targeted an audience of 1,710,900, which is about 10x the size that I usually look to target. This would make sense in a way because the larger the audience, the more ads there would be competing for the eyeballs. That’s my opinion anyway.

So, in this case, I did an alternate bidding strategy.

The high range of the original Day 1 suggested CPC was above 35 cents, so that’s where I moved my bids to. I also upped my budget to $1,500/day. No, I didn’t want to spend $1,500 that first day, but the idea was to get a rush of impressions going to establish CTR. On a side note, just jumping the budget didn’t work for this, I needed to increase the CPC.

At this point I began getting a lot of volume, and my CTR was above 0.25% right away.

As the hours went on, CTR continued to climb, as did “Likes” and such.

Now, although I was bidding 35 cents CPC, Facebook was only charging me about 20 cents at this point. At this point, my suggested bids moved down as well.

Over the next few days, I kept lowering my bids in 3-5 cent increments, but always staying in the upper half of the suggested bids range.

The final day I was getting 7 cent clicks in the USA. Not the greatest, but not bad.

Is this something I suggest you do right off the bat?

Well, no, not now anyway. The lower bid strategy still seems to work for the typical demographic size I go after, but if you’re not getting impressions/clicks, and the volume you’d like, consider reversing the strategy.

If this continues to be the common case going forward, first off I wouldn’t be surprised, as it would hold true with how most traffic networks work. Higher bids and higher CTR’s early on are rewarded.

So, just another strategy in your arsenal.

Talk soon.


PS: One thing I found interesting. I duped the winning ad the next day and ran it as CPM, at a higher CPM cost as well, but my CTR was only 0.02%. Same ad, same creative, targeting, etc, just CPM. It’s as if I was getting lower quality placements just for bidding CPM.