How to Make $11 Million Per Year Buying Traffic

How to Make $11 Million Per Year Buying Traffic

Hey guys,

I wanted to send out this quick note and suggestion
to go read this blog post on Tim Ferris’ blog.

He does an interview with a guy who, in my opinion,
is a complete BOSS when it comes to buying traffic
for his own offers.

His name is Mike Geary, but you probably know him
as the author of “Truth About Abs”, the #1 Clickbank
best seller.

Here’s the interview:

For you guys that have followed my stuff for a while,
you’ll notice a lot of similarities between what Mike
says, and what I say.

No, I don’t make $11MM a year though. It’s ok, he
has a few years on me. =)

Talk soon,


P.S.: If you want the most value in a course that goes
into detail on what Mike talks about, then if you haven’t
already, go check out my Traffic BlackBook course now:

P.P.S.: You’ll see Mike really understands the importance
of backend profits too, and i have a great interview coming
soon from a guy who is a master at this. Stay tuned.