Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays… and All That Good Stuff

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays… and All That Good Stuff

I wanted to send out a quick note as we go
into the Christmas weekend.

This past year has had it’s ups and downs for
a good share of people I know, including myself.

For me, certain sectors of business were very good while
there were challenges in other areas… new areas that
I ventured into where the learning curve was steep.

The good such as a new baby on the way (supposed to be
here January 18th), Traffic BlackBook, getting into Pay Per Call,
keeping my campaigns running strong, and opening a coaching forum (…

Was contrasted with the not so good
such as my Dad passing in May, and spending about 25K in areas and
on people that just didn’t perform (people that talked a good game, but
that was about it).

So why am I telling you all this?

Well, too often you only hear of the good from “gurus” and the like.

And if you’re struggling in any area of your life, looking
at someone always talking about how great their life is can
make you throw your arms up and say “what the hell am I doing wrong?”

I’m here to tell you that no one is perfect regardless of what they put
out there, this is part of the process… and the key is, to stay
committed to process and not get sold on every shiny new
thing that comes out.

Focus on more producing and less consuming this coming year,
and I promise you’ll see real results.

If you’re not making it happen for yourself right now, ask yourself
the following:

How many campaigns am I launching in a month?
How much traffic am I driving daily?
How many leads am I collecting daily?
How many offers am I sourcing or creating weekly?
How much conversion testing am I really doing?

Those are the things you need to be doing regularly to start
breaking through.

And I’m 100% convinced you can… because I’ve seen people make
radical changes this year.

I’ve mentioned Marvin before, and he’s one of the main ones that
comes to mind. What a change he had. In what is being considered
a “bad” economy, this guy was able to quit his job and scale his
business to consistent 5-figures per month, working about 3-5 hours
per week.

And he started from scratch online.

So this weekend, enjoy your time with friends and family and stay
focused on the positive… be grateful for even the smallest things.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Talk to you soon,

Chad Hamzeh