18 Fights Taught Me This (among other things)

18 Fights Taught Me This (among other things)

You may know this already, but I dedicated about a decade of my life to mixed martial arts (you know, that “Ultimate Fighting” stuff.)

I’ve had 18 fights total, and have been able to fight all over Canada, as well as Thailand and even in Russia. I must have sparred thousands of rounds in my day, and I still go boxing a couple nights a week just for fun.

One of the lessons I learned is something applicable to just about every area of life, and that’s the lesson of “action”. And no, I’m not going to sit here and preach the tired old news of “take action”.

This is more about the type of action, and most action can be categorized as being either reactive or proactive.

When I started out fighting professionally, I was a very reactive fighter. I used to get beat up a fair amount in the first round, and then typically come back to win in the later rounds (or, I’d just lose, ha).

I was known as a “slow starter”.

So, in a fight, I was reacting more than anything. I’d react to my opponents punches and takedown attempts, then later try and mount my own offense.

I did this because in the back of my mind, I didn’t want to get tired early on, then pretty much be a punching bag in the later rounds due to fatigue.

As I got more experienced, I realized what was happening.

Sitting around and waiting in that first round or so, being on the defensive the whole time, was just as tiring (if not more so), than if I was offensive from the get go.

The difference was, at least I had a chance to win being offensive.

Therein lies the key.

How many of the activities you’re doing daily in your business, are reactive vs. proactive?

Are you proactively launching campaigns? Proactively learning from your mistakes and adjusting course? Proactively split testing a few different variations of ads/offers to find a winner?

Or, are you responding to every e-mail that comes in as it comes in? Reading forums and “waiting” for the magic bullet piece of info that will change your life?

I’ve talked about this before, but it really comes down to producing vs. consuming.

Take inventory of some of the daily activities you’re doing in your business and life, and classify them as reactive or proactive.

Proactive to me, is getting to the gym and working out, reactive is taking a pill and hoping for the fat to come off.

Incidentally, when I started being more proactive in my fighting, I started getting more first round finishes in my favor.

Go for the knockout. What’s the point of doing less?

That’s all for today, thanks very much!

Chad Hamzeh

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