Does Your Business Have a Mistress?

Does Your Business Have a Mistress?

Today inside the SixMonthsFromToday forums, one of our members was posting how he just
realized he is chasing money and not narrowing in on a market or anything specific.

This was his exact quote:

I think a lot of people are too focused only on making money. I was chasing money in the
past and that’s not solution. I made a good amount in trading and then lost it. That was a
good lessson for me. I believe when you find something that you really enjoy and care
about then making money will become much easier.

My question to you is, are you doing the same thing? Chasing offers, chasing money,
chasing your tail?
Jumping from one “idea” to another… cheating on your real business potential, with a
shiny new object?
This was my response….


This is an EXTREMELY important point you just made, and I wish a lot of people would
listen to it.

You’re talking about the bizopp mindset, and it’s one of the reasons why the bizopp niche
is easier than many to sell to. It’s why I tell people don’t buy WSOs and all that stuff
unless it already strengthens the blueprint of your business, not as another new business
to jump into.

I really recommend people read The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco. I’ve mentioned it
several times. He talks about this a lot.

Now, the last part of your quote can be dangerous though…. a lot of gurus and such sell
this dream of “do what you love and the money will follow!”.
That is one of the biggest reasons to business failures that I’ve seen.

Guys open martial arts studios, artists open art galleries, thousands flock to Hollywood
because they love acting… and the vast vast majority of them fail.

It’s because for something to succeed, there needs to be a want/need in the marketplace.
If you open your martial arts studio and cater it to only hardcore fighters, but then open
it in the most posh neighborhood in your city, it might not work.

If you open a surf shop in a desert, it might not work.

Also, when people open a business based on what they love, that’s selfish, and once the
actual “business” aspects come into play (cash flow, overhead, management), it tends to
spoil their “love of the game”.

I think better than “do what you love” is to “love what you do”… do only the activities
that you enjoy in your business and get others to do the rest.

Now, here’s the kicker. If most success is based on need/want and market gaps in the
marketplace, then it means you need a good level of insight into that marketplace… so,
more often than not, people tend to find their big breakthrough in a market that is a
hobby or past time for them. So, with that comes a personal interest, and a personal
interest can help a TON in accelerating quickly.

We’re paid to solve peoples problems, to provide info, to entertain, etc… even if you
push gaming download offers all day, they convert because people want to be entertained.

Most people just say “I need to pay the bills”… how motivating is that? That’s a
selfish reason to get into business, and selfish reasons often give you tunnel vision.


That about sums it up… don’t be selfish only focusing on your own problems.

Start focusing on the problems of others, and more importantly, the solutions to their

Hope you’re having a great weekend,

Chad Hamzeh