I Need Your Help… also Facebook Isn’t Playing Fair!

I Need Your Help… also Facebook Isn’t Playing Fair!

Today’s lesson is going to be an important one that goes against the grain of what you may have heard about the biggest traffic source online, but before I get into it, I could really use your help.

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Onto todays lesson.

Today I’m going to continue the Facebook theme, as it really is a powerful traffic source not only for CPA marketers, but even more so for those that have bigger margins to play with.

Either way, we can’t deny the amount of volume they have, even if their ad approval team is a bit bipolar.

If you’ve ever watched my Traffic BlackBook course, you know that I mentioned going for an audience size of 100,000 people or less when creating your ads.

Well, this is one of the reasons I’m updating the Facebook module in TBB this month.

Here’s the lesson: Two identical click through rates can mean very different costs, simply due to audience size.

Size, in this case, does matter.

For example, I have a campaign running right now in a very competitive demographic, in the United States & Canada, and I’m targeting an audience size of 5,468,640 people.

My bid is 20 cents.

My actual CPC is 4 cents. (I could probably get cheaper if I lowered the bid, but don’t want to screw with the performance.)

My click through rate over the last 30 days is 0.378%, which is decent for a demographic that large.

A 0.45% click through rate on a similar but much smaller demographic (around 45K), brings me clicks of approximately 10 cents.


Facebook is an auction, they will reward the ads that make them the most money.

With the click through rate I have on the larger demographic, Facebook makes more due to the scaling and profit potential of the ads.

Now, other factors such as social CTR come into play, but for the most part, what I’ve found is that a larger demographic with a lower CTR will get you cheaper clicks than a smaller demographic and higher CTR.

This goes agains what many have been saying in regards to how to target and bid effectively. It even goes against what I was saying too.

Anyway, moral of the story is, don’t be afraid to take on a large demographic for fear that you can’t compete… the bar is a bit lower when it comes to what a “good ctr” is on big demographics. This isn’t very “fair” for those with really high CTRs on small microscopic demos… but it is what it is.

Going after volume is usually a good idea ;)

That’s it for today, thanks very much…

Chad Hamzeh

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