Pay Per Call Case Study – Inside the $1,017/day campaign…

I thought I’d shed some light on one of the pay-per-call campaigns that has recently been giving me some decent numbers. I’ve been getting a ton of questions on this stuff, so here you go…
This was the one that contributed to some of the following revenue:
There were some other campaigns here and there that contributed to the revenue, but a good chunk of it is what I’m about to discuss.
To save you time, I’m going to list the important details in bullet form:
• Offer: This was a pay per call offer for addiction treatment, $19.50 payout for any call over 1 minute. Network wide EPC is $6.30 (haha, ya, like Acai in 2009)
• Traffic Source: Google Adwords mostly, direct linked via the “call extension” functionality. And, a little known display network for mobile (android phones only)
• Campaign Structure: 10 keywords per adgroup, 1 tracking phone number per group, 100 keywords total
• Keyword Targeting: broad keywords, addiction related, 2 words max, no long tail
• Bidding: Starting bids at $2 CPC. Adjusted based on volume and ROI.
• Current ROI: Around 60% consistent, some days higher.
Overall, this is a very stable campaign.
The way I structured the campaign is very similar to what is shown in Justin Elengburg’s “Mobile Money Bandit”, which as you know, I’ve been touting for quite some time right now.
Yes, my traffic buying experience helps, but I have you covered there as well.
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Go here for details on my offer, and follow the steps in the video:
Thanks very much, looking forward to hearing from you…
Chad Hamzeh
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