An 8 Figure Per Year Earner Taught Me This…

An 8 Figure Per Year Earner Taught Me This…

Over the next couple days I’ll be sending out a few valuable micro-lessons that, if followed, will make a big difference in how you view traffic generation and lead gen, and get you started in building a really stable business.

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Anyway, onto the lesson.

This was a lesson I learned from an 8-figure per year earner, and when I first heard it, I was floored by it’s simplicity.

The lesson has to do with lead generation and list building.

So, I’ll propose the question…

What’s do you think is the fastest and most stable way to build a responsive list?

That was what myself and a very small group of guys asked him.

Is it PPC?

Is it SEO?

Is it JV Traffic?

No, no, and NO.

This is a lesson that, when mastered, is really the key to getting as close as possible to an “auto pilot” income.

The fastest and most stable way to build a responsive list is to have a high converting offer.

This took me a second to wrap my head around.

Now, if you’re an affiliate collecting optins, then your “converting offer” would be your squeeze page, and then the funnel you put behind it.

Basically this all comes down to getting your front end to convert, and having your short term EPC be high!

Think about it.

If your front end converts, if you have an offer so optimized that it converts on almost any type of traffic, then doesn’t traffic buying become easier?

Wouldn’t building that list and getting traffic be simple?

Of course it would.

Because once you have that converting front end, you know how much you can spend per lead.

And that dictates where you can get traffic.

The higher overall EPC, the more you can spend.

And if you can spend more than other offer owners or affiliates, then you can take more traffic from them.

You can just keep pouring money into your front end.

All those traffic sources I listed become at your disposal once you have your numbers down.

And that’s how you build a massive list while getting paid for it.

That’s it for today, keep an eye on your inbox in the next couple days while we break this concept down a bit more.

Thanks very much,

Chad Hamzeh

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