Let’s Continue the Lesson… Traffic is Easy, Conversion Screws You

Let’s Continue the Lesson… Traffic is Easy, Conversion Screws You

Alright so today I want to continue where we left off on Monday.

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OK so on Monday I shared the lesson I learned from an 8 figure per year earner.

The lesson was that the fastest way to build a list is to have a converting offer.

Basically, the better your front end performs, and the more you can make in terms of front end EPC (money you make with the initial funnel entrance and immediate monetization),
then the easier it becomes to buy traffic from a variety of sources.

People talk about a single point of failure, but this is a single point of success.

So what makes a converting offer?

Well, that’s the secret sauce really. I’ve always said that traffic is easy, it’s conversion that’s difficult.

Without making this a giant lesson on conversion, just understand that the following seem to make the biggest difference in conversions:

• The initial traffic/lead source (probably most important but most difficult in terms of getting your hands on a premium source)

• Social proof

• Pre-framing in your ads (to qualify prospects right from the get go)

• Headlines on your landers that carry the theme from the ad (when using landers)

• Micro-commitments (read the “Slippery Slopes” post on my blog)

• A solid landing page formula for eye flow & conversions (I’ll send a video on this later)

That’s just for starters, and some of the more important ones.

So, whether you’re promoting CPA offers, pay per call offers, or your own product, look to where you can test premium targeted traffic sources, add social proof in ads and/or landers, and pre-frame in your ads.

Those would be the big ones to start.

That’s it for today, thanks very much.