Traffic BlackBook Updated With New FB Strategy

Traffic BlackBook Updated With New FB Strategy

If you’re a Profit 101 or Traffic BlackBook member, then you’ll be happy to know that the Facebook module has been updated and is live in your members area.
If for some reason you still aren’t a Traffic BlackBook
member, then go here and solve your traffic and conversion
needs for good:

I show the latest strategy to get profitable with Facebook Ads.
I’ve also included a couple bonuses that I’ll tell you about below.

A small portion of the module is the same as before, but you’ll learn how my bidding strategy and campaign structure has changed.

In my opinion, this is going to be the way to get good traction in Facebook for long time.

You’ll see an over the shoulder vid of me building a Facebook campaign with this new campaign structure,
without the need of any fancy bulk upload tools.

So if you don’t have the budget for a bulk tool, you can still
build your campaigns very quickly.

And, for those that want to upload hundreds of ads in record
time, I also give my suggestions for 3, Facebook approved
upload tools.

Finally, I go more in depth on the social pages such as
fan pages, sponsored stories, etc, and I even show a
quick over the shoulder video of setting up a custom
fan page.

So get into your members area now and check it out… and like I
said, if for some reason you still haven’t picked up Traffic Blackbook,
then click below to learn my top traffic getting strategies,
so you never have to worry about traffic generation again:

Thanks very much,

Chad Hamzeh

P.S.: Oh ya, the bonuses. In your TBB members area, at the bottom
of the left side navigation, you’ll see a new video on fast landing page
creation and best practices. I wanted to make sure you had no excuses ;)