A Great Article You Need to Read (about iPhone Apps)

Yes my blog posting slowed down quite a bit… I’ve been really busy with a few projects but I really wanted to send this article out today as I feel the underlying message is an important one.

A lot of people don’t know this, but I am actually part owner in an iPhone App called “TonightsFights“.

 It allows you to find sports bar locations throughout North America that are playing UFC and Boxing pay per views… a useful utility for fight fans.
I’ve toyed with the idea of creating more apps since I always wanted to make video games when I was a kid, and these days they can be very cheap and fast to develop.
Anyway, I came across a great article on app development by a guy named Chad Mureta, posted on Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week Blog.
He gives a great breakdown on getting apps made, but a BIG reason I’m sending this article out is the marketing  and targeting principles he discusses:
He discusses in depth how to see what’s already working, emulate it, and test fast.
I see this all the time by CPA marketers, info product creators, and obviously app developers… people want to create something that’s “never been done!”.
The problem with that is, you don’t know if anyone actually wants it.
Sure, people might tell you “oh that’s a great idea, I’d buy it!”.
But when it’s time to pull their wallet out, the tune often changes.
I’m not saying don’t be creative. Not in the least.

But, instead of thinking “what’s something new, never been done, that I could create and make millions?!?!!”

Ask yourself “what’s already working, and how can I improve on it to fill the gaps the market feels”.
So checkout that article when you get a chance, and see how you can apply that mindset in different forms of marketing, not just iPhone apps.
Talk soon,
Chad Hamzeh
P.S.: In Traffic Blackbook and the SixMonthsFromToday forums,
we go into great depth on finding what’s already working, and how to
test ideas very quickly through paid traffic (the fastest way). It all starts
with what the market is already buying, pretty easy when you think
about it.