Direct Linking, Honeypots, and What’s Really Most Important?

Hey guys,

I know we talk a lot about angles. Angles are what make the winners and losers. The problem is, angles can be done through a number of means. The most obvious being ads and landers.

But if there was one thing that trumps everything else, it’s probably also the most obvious… and that’s a group of people that actually want something.

Ya ya, you’ve heard it all before… find a “starving crowd” or WHEN a crowd is going to be starving.

Ask yourself, what’s easier to do… convince someone they need something, or find people that want it and see what’s already working, and improving on it?

This is a post I made elsewhere, and I wanted to share it here as I feel it provides some good insight into how being successful at direct linking might be one of the most profitable skills you can develop. (assuming the offer has a strong pre-sell or low barrier of entry)….


The stronger the lead source and creative, the less important the offer is. I used to think the offer was everything, and it is extremely important, probably #2…. but I didn’t know just how powerful a specific lead source can be until we started doing high priced premium e-mail drops.

It has a higher barrier of entry and ideally a high ticket offer to make it work, but it’s literally the easiest money I’ve ever seen (online and legally).

Bizarre really.

You’ll have a sales page that converts at 1% with good display traffic do 3%-5% on the mail drops.

How does that translate to display, ppc, and what most guys tend to use?

Well for a while I thought most buys for $40 CPA type offers would always work best on 50 cent to $1 CPM placements. And that’s just not true. You can make a $3-$5 CPM work. Right now I have a buy that is at a $5 CPM, and it’s starting to break even after 2 weeks.

Mike Geary actually said it once too about his Truth About Abs offer, where he often has sites at $3-$5 CPM work once creatives are dialed in.

Creatives should be used to pre-qual, pre-frame, set expectations, and filter, not just sell a click… eCPM is more important that CTR, though CTR is also extremely important.

The more and more I’ve done this, really direct linking is a very fast path to long term stability.

I know that sounds counter intuitive, and I’m a big proponent of list building, but the best list is a buyers list anyway… and by direct linking you can rapidly find the converting lead/traffic source.

Then adjusting & creating an offer around that source is much easier based on looking at the successful offers you were direct linking to, emulating them, and adding your own version eventually into the rotation. Once you have the benefit of your backend, you can spend more.

It’s hard to convince people, instead of just selling what they want already.


So if you ever feel confused on which strategy is best, really it all comes down to finding converting traffic.

Yes, that takes a lot of testing, but you can see how once you find that, you then adapt the offer (or build your own) FOR that traffic.

Its the front end that needs to get optimized, and once you find converting ad creatives, then eventually your own converting front end (lead gen, product, whatever), you can often take those creatives and front end to lots of different traffic sources and they’ll work.