Why Most List Building Sucks…

I often encourage new and experienced marketers

alike to do list building to some degree.
And yes that goes for CPA & Clickbank affiliates as well.
The benefits of building an asset, and a controllable traffic source such as an e-mail list, are endless.
Now, one big complaint I get when people try to list build is the following:
“People opt-in, but they don’t convert. I get a bunch of freebie seekers!”

That last part is key. Freebie seekers.
And frankly, if you’re encountering this, it’s most likely your fault.

Hear me out.

One thing people don’t do when list building, is looking at the offer, and working backwards.
Instead they think “how can I get someone to opt in”, then they throw up a thank you page with some offers, and expect the money to start rolling in.
Listen to me when I say this…

The way you pre-frame and pre-qualify will often dictate the quality of leads you generate.

So, if you work backwards, and the offer you’re promoting is a paid piece of software, then consider offering either a feature
restricted version of the software, or a strategy that would be completely “done for you” with the software.
In the “make money” niches, in my opinion it is much smarter to offer the promise of a strategy, than just a free e-book or something like that.
Even more congruent, is looking at the offers you’re going to test after the opt-in, find a common thread.
Then, the promise that you make on your squeeze page should be something like:
“Enter your e-mail below to see an exclusive video presentation that reveals my exact blueprint for……”
What this does is two-fold:
1) Gets them interested to watch your video, because they want to see your blueprint or “weird trick” for accomplishing X, instead of just getting some free cheap e-book.
2) Actually gets them ready to watch a video! Doesn’t it suck when you opt-in to something and get hit with a video or letter you weren’t expecting?
This goes for your ads as well when buying traffic.
What is the person going to see next?
For those in our SixMonthsFromToday private forums, they saw a recent ad case study I provided that showed how adding
to the end of some ad copy lowered click through rate slightly, but greatly increased actual revenue.
Pre-frame, pre-qualify, profit more.
Thanks very much,
Chad Hamzeh