How to Make BIG Money… Really Fast!

How to Make BIG Money… Really Fast!

I get lots of questions when it comes to affiliate marketing, buying traffic, and product development.

The vast majority of these questions have really good intentions behind them…

“Should I use a landing page for this?”

“Should I use blue or red for the button?”

“Should I use Facebook Ads?”

“Should I ___________?”

I encourage questions, we all had to start somewhere.

And often we all need a bit of direction.

But, the fact is that most of these sorts of technical questions can be answered by one word… “test”.

You need to understand one thing, and I know it sounds elementary but it seems like it should be repeated.

Money loves speed. Nothing transforms desire into money, faster… than fast action itself.

Start to get comfortable with the concept of a “minimum viable product” or “minimum viable campaign”.

Don’t worry if your landing page isn’t quite perfect, or the product you’re selling hasn’t been user tested a million times.

Just get it out there! Get some traffic and some data… if you have your own product, get it in front of the prospects most likely to buy and TRY TO SELL IT.

No user group is going to tell you what you need to know as the actual numbers or market will.

Don’t ask people “Hey does this look cool? Would you buy this?”

After all, NOTHING is more valuable than forward progress.

And sometimes, all these other things don’t necessarily help you move forward.

Some great affiliates I know don’t even use tracking!

They just set up tons of direct linked campaigns to fit the traffic they feel will convert best, and they get to work.

Stop waiting for “perfect”.

Stop thinking you actually have something to lose.

Stop worrying about failing.

Guess what, you probably will anyway.

But guess what, you’ll most likely live through it too.


The way you make money FAST is to focus intensely on one area and MOVE FAST.

I’d always instinctively done this on projects that interested me, but it was drilled home when I read Craig Garbers book ”How to Make Maximum Money with Minimum Customers.”

If you haven’t read that book, do yourself and your bank account a favor and grab it this week..

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It’s a real, physical book that could be called a bible for direct response marketing.

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your ad click through rates, landing page and offer conversion, or e-mail list relationship, then do yourself a favor and grab it while the sale is on.

Move as fast as you can, but never hurry.

Talk soon,