If You’re Motivated & Excited By Money… You’re in Luck.

Let me ask you something.

Are you motivated and excited by money?
The obvious answer for you might be a resounding yes.
Dig a bit deeper though.
Have you ever been in the situation where you didn’t need more money?
Well, if you have, you’ll know where I’m going with this e-mail today, but if you haven’t, then just play  along, I promise it’ll be worth your time.
I want you to imagine that you didn’t have money issues.
I want you to really believe and put yourself in the place that you had a very good consistent income, and that for the most part you didn’t need anymore cash on hand.
Debts were cleared off and all that.
Got that picture in mind?
OK, now let me ask you something… what would be your motivation at that point to continue working.
So, I’m not saying you sold your business for $50 Million and never had to work ever again, but you were making a pretty easy 6-figures per year let’s say.
Even low 7 figures.
So your “basic essential needs” have been met, and then some.
What would motivate you to continue working?
This might sound like an odd question, it might be such  a far fetched concept for you depending on where you’re at right now, but it’s an important one to keep in mind.
Would you simply keep doing what you’re doing, simply to hit higher scores in your bank account?
If so, why?

To buy a bunch of cool stuff?

The reason I’m asking you all this is because it’s a very easy trap to fall into, once you start hitting certain degrees of success.

It’s easy, just for the sake of hitting high scores, to keep doing what you’re doing.

That’s why I say that those who are motivated purely by “more money”, are lucky in a way.

Because they’ll always be motivated. You can always hit higher scores… but if this is your only motivation, you might have a hard time feeling fulfilled.

For the rest, myself included, it’s a bit different.

And if you’re like me, then regardless where you are with your bank account right now, I recommend working on something even once a week that actually excites you.

Now, ideally that one thing is targeting a specific market that you can monetize.

But often, the type of work I’m talking about is found in a hobby or something you’re involved in outside of
work, and you can take the skills you’ve learned doing IM/CPA stuff to really accelerate and dominate that market you are in on the consumer side.

I talk a lot about being more of a producer than a consumer.

However, our experience as consumers allows us to see certain market gaps, and things that we can do better.

This is how you find that type of work where the money you make is simply an awesome side effect of conquering a market you’re actually interested in.

So maybe right now you’re launching CPA and traffic campaigns, and you’re not overly motivated outside of the fact that you can make some quick cash.

Understand you’re learning the skills of traffic and conversion, the 2 skills that can help you write your own checks forever.

And, understand that these 2 skills can probably be transferred into a market you’re already a consumer of.

How can you shift yourself to a producer in that market, and dominate it while having fun?

That’s how you wake up every morn without an alarm clock, because you’re excited as hell to get to “work”… which feels more like play at that point.

So keep your eyes open, these types of breakthroughs are often in plain sight.