It’s the single greatest money-getting secret. Ever.

It’s the single greatest money-getting secret. Ever.

Today we’re going to talk about response.

Specifically, why you typically DON’T ever get the response you want, or the response you were expecting.

And when I say response, I mean getting high click through rates, increasing conversions, and making more money with the same amount of traffic that other marketers get.

There is a formula on how to make your ads stand out and get your prospects to take action.

It goes like this:

Curiosity + Self-Interest = Cha-Ching!

Let me explain.

You see, curiosity is actually the most powerful emotion, you can stir. And here’s why:

Once you arouse curiosity, you “open a mental loop” inside people’s minds.

And they will not feel “comfortable” until this loop can be closed.

It’s why every episode of a television show ends with a cliffhanger – they know you’re going to have to come back next week to see what happens.

This is just human nature, and it’s as automatic as scratching an itch is.

As to self-interest, well this one’s easy.

If you’re not appealing to someone’s self-interest, then they aren’t going to be interested in buying, right?

Which is why it’s important to sometimes be direct.

Lots of people think marketing has to be complicated or convoluted… that you have to make people think and get their wheels spinning.

But the ONLY thing you need to get people to think about, when it comes to selling something, is themselves!

Which is why self-interest is so important.

A woman with skin problems, for example, doesn’t care about toe fungus or jock itch.

No matter HOW good your offer is, this just isn’t relevant to her life.

So the first things you need to think about when creating marketing, is how can you make your target marketplace, curious, and… what is going to appeal directly to them.

I actually got this technique from Craig Garber’s book, “How To Make Maximum
Money With Minimum Customers.”

This is one of THE best marketing books I’ve read.

That’s it for today… just a short post on how to get more response out of the same traffic, starting today.

Keep todays lesson in mind next time you’re writing your ads or landing page copy, I’m willing to bet you make more just by following what I laid out here today.


Chad Hamzeh